Why become a Member of the Art Gallery?

open houseThe over-arching reason to become a Member is to help the efforts of the Gallery sustain the extraordinary gifts Kate Freeman Clark left to the community. For over 50 years, the Gallery has managed to keep paintings and the building available for visitors who come through town, but more importantly for the citizens of Holly Springs.

Membership allows the community to become involved, not only helping meet necessary expenses but investing in elevating the stature of Kate Freeman Clark and bringing more positive attention to Holly Springs.

The Gallery is a source of pride, giving Holly Springs a living archive of beauty few other communities can match. This cultural resource provides not only an opportunity to wonder at the artistic genius of Kate Freeman Clark, but also fulfill the other wish she had, that the building she left funds to build would be a "museum of fine and cultural arts."

In spectacular surroundings of colorful paintings, the Gallery's use as a social venue has provided memories of lasting pleasure for those attending the many social events held each year in the Gallery. It is a valuable resource that adds to the unique quality of life in Holly Springs.

Maintaining accessability to the treasure of her paintings and diligently providing a facility adequate to preserve them requires a source of funding not provided by Kate Freeman Clark's bequest.

The Gallery has been able to meet its obligations of insurance, utilities and maintenance with limited funds. The sources are admission fees, rental of the facility, rent from the Walthall home and donations from the Belles and Books Club. The Gallery holds a fund-raiser every four years.

Memberships provide the Gallery with a source of funding to meet its basic obligations and also address deficiencies presented by an aging building. With over 1,000 paintings and drawings to preserve, the Gallery needs a storage area with climatic controls to keep them from becoming damaged.

The Gallery is increasingly sought as a social venue putting pressure on the usability of its kitchen area as well as an adequate storage for tables, chairs. linens, tableware and glasses. Adding a ramp and accessible rest rooms has become a necessity for handicapped patrons.

Your Membership is a way you can have a significant impact on an organization which has responsibility of caring for a very valuable resource both to Holly Springs and to the art world. With your help, the Gallery can sustain its program and strive to reach a higher level of service.