Adopt-A-Painting raises funds to restore paintings;
30 paintings selected for restoration, conservation

Following the 2015 Gala and Auction fund raising event, the Board of Trustees authorized funds to be set aside for painting restoration. Art museum experts were consulted to develop a strategy to optimized restoration efforts.

Thirty paintings, among the most popularly displayed in the Gallery, were selected for resoration and conservation treatment. Securing the preservation of these paintings was thought to be the most prudent plan. These paintings in excellent condition will form a core of paintings that will be true museum quality and suitable for display in any exhibition.

Future efforts will focus on identifying worthy restoration candidates from among the more than 500 other paintings. The collection of paintings and drawings by Kate Freeman Clark numbers more than 1,000. 

In order to restore these damaged paintings, the Gallery is establishing the Adopt-A-Painting restoration fund. When someone signs up for membership they have an option to make a pledge to the fund in any amount from $25 - $500.

No money is collected until paintings are selected and evaluated by a restoration professional. Once an estimated cost is determined, the Gallery will request collection of the pledges.

Once the restorations are completed, the Gallery will hold an event to display the restored paintings in the Gallery and honor those who made contributions to the restoration fund.

During the 40 years they were stored in a New York warehouse, many were damaged by exposure to moisture or were simply mishandled.

long shaddowMany of these paintings are artistically equivalent to those that survived storage in perfect condition. With restoration of some of these paintings, the value of the collection will increase and more paintings will be available to enhance the Gallery and to share in future exhibitions.

The painting to the right (The Long Shadows) would be a wonderful addition with repair of damage to the canvas at middle left and right.

The Gallery displays 66 paintings at a time and paintings are rotated on a regular basis to get exposure to as many paintings as possible. Some paintings in the vast collection have never been displayed.