Become a Kate Freeman Art Gallery Member

Memberships are available in a variety of categories. If you are a Student or a Senior Ciitizen, memebership is available for $25. A Single membership is $35 and a Couple membership is $50. A membership for the entire Family is $75.

For those who want to show extra support, a Patron membership is $100. Small Business memberships are $350 and Corporate memberships are $1500. The Benefactor membership is for extraordinary support of $3500.

A variety of benefits go with membership. They are listed in the chart or you can download a membership application here.

As a Member of the Kate Freeman Clark Art Gallery, you join others in the community who are working to preserve and enhance the stature of Kate Freeman Clark as an artist of significant historical importance in American art, especially Impressionism of the early 20th Century.

As a Member of the Art Gallery, your support helps the Board of Trustees continue to maintain the usefulness of the Gallery as a place to store and exhibit the treasure of paintings Kate Freeman Clark left.

For over 50 years the Gallery has shared her works and maintained the facility for the enjoyment of the community. Sources of revenue are limited.

What Kate Freeman Clark wished for was a "museum of fine and social arts." Those who are responsible in this generation must do their part so that this wish will be honored in perpetuity.

Please help us keep this wonderful treasure of Holly Springs intact and flourish in recognition of her marvelous talent. This was Kate Freeman Clark's life's work, and she has given it to the town she loved. Your support will be appreciated.